Ellerman House sits  on the slopes of Lion’s Head in the prestigious Bantry Bay. This elegant Cape Edwardian mansion is known for having one of the most spectacular ocean views in South Africa and for its one of a kind wine galleries.

The gallery is an immersive, interactive experience that lets guests engage with the hotel’s collection of 7500 vintage and rare South African wines. It includes a Champagne Cellar with special vintages of Dom Pérignon, a wine library, interactive iPad app, maturation cellar and brandy tasting lounge.

Brian Steinhobel, the designer who coined the idea for the Wine Gallery’s corkscrew rack, was inspired not only by the corkscrew itself, but also by the freeform curves and organic growth of vines. The result is a living, breathing work of art that is as beautiful and sexy as it is functional.

Couple of years ago  the owner of Ellerman House, Paul Harris, decided to create a unique space to showcase South African wines, the brief he gave to the architectural and design team was to come up with an original concept for a wine gallery, rather than just a tasting room or cellar – something that had never been seen or done before anywhere in the world.

The end result is the collaborative genius of a dynamic and diverse team of highly creative South Africans, led by architect Michael Dennett, sculptor Angus Taylor, blacksmith and sculptor Conrad Hicks, industrial designer Brian Steinhobel, and designers Trevyn and Julian McGowan.

‘The wine gallery is much more than a functional space – it’s a work of art,"
-- Ellerman