You’ve probably dreamed of making your own documentary film in an exotic location.  Perhaps you’ve even dreamed of making a film about a subject as rich and complex as the endangered orangutan in the fast disappearing forests of Central Borneo. Or maybe you’ve heard about the indigenous Dayak people, (some of whom still live simple traditional lives, similar to life before the word tourist was invented) and wondered how you could access one of these communities to make a film there.  Well, these are just two of the possibilities which are available to participants of the Filmmaker Abroad, Borneo Orangutan Experience!

Filmmaker Abroad’s mission is to offer participants an experience that is, as close as possible, the same as that of a professional documentary film crew.

This means getting off the beaten track, enjoying privileged access to parts and places off-limits to most tourists.  It means staying in high quality accommodation wherever possible, to recharge the batteries literally and figuratively.  Filmmaker Abroad is unique-in-the-world in that it offers all the necessary planning and infrastructure for making a film as well as in-the-field tuition from highly experienced mentors.  An inspiring combination of unparalleled access to exotic destinations blended with a high-quality learning experience.

Sean Cousins is an award winning documentary director and producer, and founder of Filmmaker Abroad.

“It’s really important to me that participants feel deeply satisfied with the travel experience and the filmmaking experience. It’s a wonderful feeling to complete a project as complex as a documentary film. It’s so important to me that everyone leaves with that profound sense of achievement, which I have enjoyed many times.  It’s my aspiration that the participants emerge with a deeper understanding of, and connection with, the people and places they visit. Documentary films have the power to transform. They do this best by creating an emotional connection to their subjects – just like any other film.  That’s what I’ll be encouraging participants to understand."