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Mexico City, Pujol

Mexico City, Mexico

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If the country’s spirit can be explained just by tasting its food, Pujol restaurant does just that. Known as the best restaurant in Mexico it presents the unforgettable taste of Mexico through the Enrique Olvera’s magical ingredients combination.



The sophisticated, yet relaxed, atmosphere is created by gray leather seats, wooden floors, dark gray walls adorned with mirrors that expand the 44 seat room and allow diners to keep an eye on their neighbors, recess lighting over each table create an informal vibe. Pujol was the nickname of Olvera’s grandfather and it represents Mexico in a way that he sees it.

Style of food

Pujol creates Mexican cuisine with personal style, using local ingredients and both ancient as well as modern culinary technique as its point of departure. The traditional and the contemporary blend in unique dishes. The goal is unforgettable taste that strikes a chord of memory and celebrates Mexican cooking’s extraordinary ingredient variety. Essential national cuisine combines with new proposals that maintain deep Mexican roots.


Enrique Olvera decided to take another look at his love of cooking—something he’d discovered as a boy in his grandparents’ pastry shop—and he traveled to New York to enroll at the Culinary Institute of America. When he came back to Mexico four years later, he opened his restaurant, Pujol. He creates unique dining experiences on the vast universe of ingredients that Mexico provides, applying both contemporary and age-old culinary technique in every instance.



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