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Halkidiki, Danai Beach Resort & Villas

Halkidiki, Greece



Dive your thoughts by the turquoise Aegean Sea into calming sound of waves and give yourself into the music of the Danai Beach Resort and Villas.



About 50-minute drive from the closest Thessaloniki International Airport, the Danai widely spreads on a hill overlooking the northern bluffs of the Aegean Peninsula. This secretively lavish hideaway surrounded by beautiful, eye-resting colors of pine trees, lush gardens, sandy beaches and turquoise waters is situated between two traditional villages, Metamorfosis 2.5 km and Nikiti 4 km. Besides spiritual, mental and physical healing services that the Danai Beach Resort and Villas simply owns, you can also choose the active side by visiting one of many local attractions such as the ancient city of Thessaloniki or discovering the wild beauty of Sithonia by car, boat or helicopter.


Carefully selected brand furnishings, interiors that feature Fendi upholstered sofas, Persian rugs, Missoni drapes blend in perfectly with collectible pieces of original artwork, while the exterior is centered around an enormous private terrace and a heated infinity pool. As a cherry on the top, there is an amazing and luxurious White Villa with two levels. Built in a Mediterranean style, whose floor-to-ceiling windows frame the extraordinary classic Greek vista. The upper-level terrace besides a heated infinity pool also has the dining area lit by mosaic lanterns, plush sofas, and an antique canopy bed, all of which can be enclosed with sliding glass panels to create more indoor living space when desired.


Restore your energy with Cleopatra’s bath, private sundeck outdoor massages or simply give yourself into the Oriental Holistic Therapies that the Danai Beach Resort and Villas can provide. The resort’s three restaurants, The Squirrel, Andromeda and Sea Horse Grill, offer astonishing views along with dishes inspired by of the freshest local ingredients. Taste the antique spirit of Greece in private wine cellar or let one of the Danai’s famous Sommeliers help you find your perfect wine match for the romantic private dinner available at the beach.


From May to September



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