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Mykonos, Scorpios

Mykonos, Greece

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Scorpios is more than a restaurant; it is an idea of a place where healthy food, unique design, and summer vibes join their forces and form a gathering concept. An aesthetic that is at once modern and minimal, yet warm and inviting.



The Scorpios represent a beachside sanctuary combining extraordinary cuisine, good-time and superb events. It is a modern-day „Agora“ – or gathering place where visitors are encouraged to share experiences, summer time and love of uniqueness. That is why the Scorpios is more than a restaurant; it features beach club, restaurant, terrace for parties and a shop where you can buy handcrafted pieces ranging from leather accessories to artisanal garments.


Situated in one of the most scenic areas of the island between Paradise and Paranga beaches, on the southern tip of Mykonos Island, The Scorpios opened in 2015 as a part of San Giorgio Mykonos Hotel, a Design Hotels™. The rustic-chic restaurant is located at the center of the house, and it spans outside on the terrace overlooking the sea. The design of the Scorpios evokes 1960s Greek glamor and contemporary modernism and superbly mixes minimalism with rich textures and handcrafted details.

Style of food

At the Scorpios, they firmly believe in the famous quote: “We are what we eat.” That is why the restaurant serves organic food, mainly produced by the locals. Beautiful dishes are inspired by the Mediterranean gourmet and are predominantly vegetarian. The Chef behind the amazing flavors is Alexis Zopas who loves preparing delights such as: fresh fish brought in daily from local fishers or ouzo-stewed shrimp and tangy avocado tzatziki...



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