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Lima, Astrid&Gaston Casa Moreyra

Lima, Peru

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At Astrid&Gaston Casa Moreyra fine dining is a form of storytelling. A three-hour long unique experience that speaks about Peru, its products, landscapes, and feelings. A long sequence of dishes complemented by art, music and design.



Astrid&Gaston restaurant is a fine dining story of Peruvian cuisine that lasts for 20 years. Listed as one of the best restaurants of the world Astrid&Gaston Casa Moreyra consist out of three parts. The main restaurant serves three-hour long tasting menu, a experience that tells stories about Peru. La Barra is more spontaneous place at Casa with Cocktails to celebrate, dishes to share among all and bountiful platters. El Cielo is the special part of Astrid&Gaston Casa Moreyra with two private rooms and tailor-made menus. Both rooms have their own teams of chefs and service, their own kitchen and bar, so that those who visit El Cielo feel that the restaurant has been tailor–made for them.

Style of food

Astrid&Gaston Casa Moreyra has its own botanical garden where chefs harvest – twice daily – herbs and fruits that will be used in the kitchens. This is their unique approach to food. Dishes are made to take you on a journey through Peru's culinary traditions and varied biodiversity over the course of two and a half hours. Acurio changes the menu with the seasons to ensure fresh ingredients, but it always contains variations on typical dishes from Peru's coast, highland, and Amazon regions.


Gastón Acurio the chef and the owner of Astrid&Gaston is often reffered to as the ambassador of Peruvian cuisine. 20 years ago he opened his restaurant with his wife Astrid and since then to story about Peruvian food and fine dining grew to several franchises. With fresh ceviche, yellow chiles, and marketing smarts, Gastón Acurio takes Peruvian cuisine global.



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