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SPAIN, Mugaritz


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Chef-patron Andoni Luis Aduriz aims to play with guests and reflect on the different ways a restaurant can have an impact, rather than just filling people up and sending them on their way. From that point of view there is no other place like Mugaritz in the world.



The restaurant is recognized by the press as "the most important gastronomic phenomenon of the World in recent times". Located in a rural, mountain environment, in the surroundings of Errentería (a few miles from the city of San Sebastián). One of its attractions, as well as the innovative and surprising food by Andoni Luis Aduriz, is a small vegetable garden alongside the restaurant where many of the herbs, flowers and vegetables used in the dishes are grown.

Style of Food

At Mugaritz, eating is a path to experience, a path scattered with histories, aromas, textures, flavours, incredible sounds, provocations, uncertainties, games, memories, desires and numerous other pleasurable stimuli. They create and suggest forms of service that prompt situations in which diners can give free rein to their senses on a culinary voyage.
The products they use to create dishes are sensitive to the weather, the season and the firmness of nature.So although they select products one by one, they can never tell you what you will be eating in advance because the situation changes every day.


A veteran of kitchens run by Berasategui, Arzak, and Subijana, Andoni Luis Aduriz has come into his own. Quickly rising to the ranks of the world’s most respected chefs, Aduriz has become famous for his playful, investigative approach to food. Half mad scientist and half culinary prodigy, Aduriz has bridged the gap between cook and chemist, all with the humility, quietude, and zen of a monk. Despite his young age, Andoni Luis Aduriz has already been through many stages of discovery and growth. And Mugaritz, his enigmatic and highly acclaimed restaurant nestled in the Basque countryside, has evolved with him.



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