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New York, Restaurant Per Se

New York, USA

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Thomas Keller’s flagship in the Time Warner Center, with a kitchen run by Eli Kaimeh, may be the best restaurant in New York City. Its synthesis of culinary art and exquisite service represents an ideal of the American high-culture luxury restaurant.



With striking views of Columbus Circle and Central Park, the Per Se dining room is a rare blend of open space and intimacy, discreet drama and understated luxury. Offering a 64-seat dining room, a 10-seat private dining room, a lounge, a bar and a wine cellar, all presented in a palette of warm neutrals and natural elements, Per Se will refine and redefine your dining experience. Per Se has garnered many outstanding accolades including a four-star rating from the New York Times, a three-star rating from the French-based Michelin Guide, and inclusion in the 50 Best Restaurants list from the UK-based Restaurant Magazine.

Style of food

Per Se’s signature starter course is Oysters and Pearls, a dish Mr. Keller developed at French Laundry and brought with him when he moved East. It combines a sabayon of pearl tapioca with Island Creek oysters (small, marble-shaped, from Duxbury, south of Boston, fantastic) and a fat clump of sturgeon caviar from Northern California. These arrive in a bowl of the finest porcelain from Limoges. Paired with a glass of golden sémillon from Elderton, they make a fine argument for the metaphor of transubstantiation.The appetizer is not food so much as a poem about creaminess, a meditation on brine, a sculpture about the delicious. It is a complete introduction to the restaurant and its pleasures.


As Chef de Cuisine of Thomas Keller's Per Se, Eli Kaimeh leads a kitchen renowned for both its cuisine and its dedication to excellence. Kaimeh has been a member of the Per Se team since the beginning, starting as a Chef de Partie when the restaurant opened in 2004. His desire and ability, along with a deep understanding of Chef Keller's culinary philosophy, has prepared him to contribute to its continued evolution.



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