From July 23 to December 30, 2015, eight of Singapore’s finest restaurants will take part in a special journey. It is the Dom Pérignon’s first Gastronomy Journey to celebrate the launch of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005, where diners will be taken on a culinary experiences that illustrate the intense and vibrant facets of the champagne.

Each Vintage Dom Pérignon wine is created from the best grapes grown in one single year. To reinvent itself by interpreting the unique character of the seasons. The wine’s remarkably rich bouquet reveals itself in successive waves: first the intense fruit, more black than red, which then melts into silvery minerality. Notes of praline and coriander complement the whole. Carefully selected restaurants in Singapur will try to create perfect food company for Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005. Together they will design a unique gastronomic experience. The selected restaurants, their famous chefs will develop special menus for awakinig all your senses and revealing the essence of a good champagne.

Due to the limited production linked to the challenging nature of the 2005 harvest, access to the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005 in Singapore has been carefully curated and only these participating restaurants are offered this exceptional vintage. Here they are:


Chef Ivan Brehm’s menu is a collection of plates created exclusively with this champagne’s character in mind. One of the highlights, the Scallop and Rose Ceviche, is a dish that makes use of this champagne's versatile ability to withstand and harmonise well with spice, strong umami, rich textures and floral notes.


The famous Yan Ting on the first floor of St. Regis Singapore hotel have created a 5-course menu of decadent meals such as Oven-baked Sea Perch Fillet with Miso Sauce and Beancurd in Pipa Style. The award-winning restaurant created perfect gastronomy journey to toast to Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005.


Bedrock Bar & Grill is an enclave of culinary discoveries inspired by travels. This time the chefs were inspired by the beautiful sparkling wine. Highlights include the sweet and savory Hokkaido scallops served with lobster broth, confit potato, and Eye of Ribeye, served with charred scallion and whisky mustard.


Dolce Vita’s unique modern twist on the alluring flavours of authentic Italian cuisine, featuring the freshest of produce and the finest seasonal ingredients pairs especially well with the floral aspects of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005. Enjoy the richness of taste of Gruyere Ravioli,pumpkin, pancetta fricassee, veal jus emulsion – the earthiness of Gruyere, sweetness of pumpkin and smokiness of pancetta create a savory palate with a hint of sweetness.


Chef Fukashi Adachi’s delicate elements of the menu, such as the Tai and the Carabineros prawn go perfectly with the flavour of the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005. The notes of spice and coriander also stand up nicely to the pepper and smoke of the tataki and the charcoal and ginger in the Wagyu.


Standing at 2,000 square foot, the Gunther’s restaurant exudes an opulent yet affable style, which evokes a uniquely French sentiment. The menu of the Chef Gunther Hubrechsen is simple and honest yet elegant and exquisit as the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2005 itself.


The beauty and defining principle of traditional Kaisekiryori is that dishes are inspired by and feature the very best produce available during the season. As the freshest seasonal ingredients are shipped in from Kyoto to the restaurant, the uniqueness and concentration on season match the philosophy of the Dom Pérignon Vintage.


Chef Giovanni Speciale is known for his masterfully grilled steaks and wood-fired ocean-fresh seafood at the Four Seasons Singapore for over 20 years. Highlights of this menu include: Alaskan king crab with Ossetra Caviar; Pan-Seared Duck Foie Gras served with roasted pineapple and coconut essence, and the Slow-Roasted Milk-Fed Veal Loin.

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