Embark on a dining adventure like no other in the mesmerizing landscapes of Norway. Picture this: a restaurant that seems to levitate on the waters of a fjord, offering a panoramic spectacle of majestic mountains and glacial wonders. Welcome to the otherworldly realm of Restaurant Iris, a culinary masterpiece that has redefined the art of dining.

Imagine being whisked away on an electric boat, sailing from the charming town of Rosendal. Your journey takes you through the heart of nature's beauty, pausing at a boathouse on the ethereal Snilstveitøy island. But the real enchantment lies ahead, in the form of a futuristic, UFO-like structure named the Salmon Eye.

This architectural marvel, adorned with a mesmerizing array of 9,000 steel plates, hovers gracefully in the midst of Hardangerfjorden, a true spectacle in the realm of design. In this realm sustainability takes center stage – the very core of the Iris experience is rooted in promoting planet-friendly seafood production. Designed by the visionary minds at Kvorning Design, the Salmon Eye is a testament to the harmony between architecture and nature.

As you enter Restaurant Iris, prepare to be enchanted by a "multisensory underwater experience." And when you finally settle into the dining room, be captivated by the breathtaking backdrop of fjords and mountains – a setting that brings your gastronomic journey to life. Brace yourself for an epic 18-course feast spread across six hours, a culinary symphony that tells a tale of global food systems and their challenges. The ocean's bounty takes center stage here, and the experience begins with a poignant short film shedding light on the issue of food waste.

Guiding this culinary voyage is the talented Anika Madsen, a rising star in the culinary world hailing from Copenhagen's Fasangården. Her culinary journey, starting at the tender age of 17, has taken her through Copenhagen's dynamic food scene, culminating in her role as the head chef of Iris. With an illustrious background that includes Roxie and Fasangården, Chef Anika Madsen brings her innovative flair to the table, ensuring that every dish is a masterpiece.

So, if you're ready to embrace gravity-defying dining in a floating haven of gastronomic delight, Restaurant Iris at the Salmon Eye in Norway awaits. Get ready to elevate your taste buds and embark on an extraordinary culinary odyssey.

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