We know that when you think of Greece, the first things you think of are the sea, beach and the sun, in one-word summer. Yet this beautiful destination which is the cradle of Western civilization offers authentic experiences during the winter months. The architecture which stands for thousands of years as a symbol of human ingenuity blends perfectly with the incredible natural landscapes. In winter time, without the crowds, noise and waiting lines among many tourists, Greece can show you its beauty from an entirely new perspective. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should visit Greece during the winter.


While the rest of the Europe is freezing, a large part of Greece enjoys warm winter months. Think about springtime in January. In the southern regions, the temperature can reach up to 21ºC during the day, which is perfect for exploring the cities or the islands. Long walks by the sea can be rejuvenating.

Island hopping

Yes, you can still visit the famous Greek islands. There won’t be as many ferries as in the summer, but that is the beauty of it. Just imagine having Santorini for yourself. Larger islands like Crete, Rodos and Corfu, have a vibrant island life in the winter time. The best bars and restaurants are still open for the locals and you’ll get the unique chance to explore the island from whole different perspective. The one-of-a-kind experiences shared by locals such as jam making, gathering the olives, wine pressing, and more.


Athens is a grandiose city with vibrant nightlife, especially in the winter. It is a hub of design, contemporary art and style. The City fashion scene can be compared to Paris or New York. The temperature in Athens during the winter is perfect for all-day shopping tours. Reserve the evenings for exploring the dynamic nightlife and famous restaurant and bars. Authentic cuisine and handmade accessories await you in this magnificent historic city. Connoisseur’s suggestion for staying while you’re here is the Hotel Grande Bretagne with breathtaking views of the famed Acropolis and Parthenon.

Walking trails

Yes, the crowds are gone and you can finally experience the real Greek culture. Exploring  Acropolis and other ancient sites, as well as uncrowded world-class museums, such as the National Archaeological Museum,  is a perfect walking tour in the winter time. If you are more into nature exploring one of the best islands in Greece for walking trails is the island of Kea which has many ancient walking trails, connecting the ancient cities to the isle. Don’t miss the beautiful Thessaloniki, the famous port city where you can enjoy seaside location and metropolis atmosphere. Our favorite hotel here is the cozy and stylish downtown hotel The Excelsior.


Greece might not be your first idea regarding a ski vacation. However, the country has many lovely ski hotels – which shouldn’t be too surprising given that Greece is mostly fashioned of mountains. The top ski locations are the Peloponnese, Kalavrita, Delphi and Macedonia, with ski centers, mountain hideaways and ski lifts that can be compared with those in Swiss Alps.

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