We must admit, we love adventures. Of course, we are real fans of lounging in the warm sun of the Maldives or Santorini, but once in a while an extreme experience is good for health. Last year a unique place opened in Sweden, reserved only for the brave and the bold. It is the Arctic Bath Hotel nestled over the Lule River in the white and beautiful part of the Swedish Lapland.

A design team from Sweden envisioned a floating hotel in the summer and freeze-into-the-ice hotel in the winter and combined it into one. For lovers of winter beauty, this is a heaven on Earth. The Arctic Bath is a year-round experience, however don’t expect to encounter 20+ celsius degrees in the summer.

The star attraction of the Arctic Bath is the bath nestled in the center of its circular complex.  And yes, it is imagined as a bath designed for icy dips into the four-degree water. It will surely make your blood running faster.

To experince all the colds of Sweden in one day is truly a unique adventure. Even we must say that this sounds more intense than the Heli-Skiing in Canada.

However, for the guests who are not ready to feel the depths of the Arctic but are keen lovers of nature and Nordic spa, the hotel also has a lot to offer. There are four saunas, an outdoor cold bath, a hot bath and a wide range of treatments. Here, wellness is based on four elements: proper nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, and the care of face and body. Just imagine doing yoga under Nothern Lights...  It does sounds magical.

There are only six floating cabins on the water, and an additional six cabins available on land. And truth to be told this is enough for this incredibly intimate and isolated experience.

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images: arcticbath.se