Life is a collection of moments and we spend an average of 700,000 hours on Earth. As time is precious for each of us, some of these moments should be spent in a way that will leave a timeless imprint on our lives. The same philosophy is behind 700 000 heurs, the idea that came of French hotelier Thierry Teyssiera who believes the extraordinary experiences can change the way we see our lives.

700 000 heurs is a unique way of experiencing the world. It is an unexpected journey into the unknown. There is no hotel on this journey, or check-in and reception. Selecting unique, authentic private homes, only available during the short visit to each destination, the journey represents a personalized view into the region and all of its magnificent secrets unavailable to everybody. But what are the regions?

Every six months a new region of the world is chosen and the „wandering hotel“ moves its location. From Japan to Angkor, from Salento in Italy to Lençois, in Brazil. From staying at the historic temple in Koyasan to a 19th-century palazzo in Puglia. From breakfast in a cave by the sea to nights on floating houses. It’s luxury travel without any rules. There is no minimum stay in Paris or Japan.

In each new destination, 700’000 Heures empowers locals to create your unique sanctuaries and to welcome you in these dream homes that exist within, not apart from, their community. You’ll meet locals who know the perfect place for dinner under the stars and taste the local wine which is the town’s best-kept secret.

Experience-rich travels curated by Thierry Teyssier, each accompanied by him, are an idea that you fill some of the 700 000 heurs with unforgettable memories. Yet just like time, once the experience has passed, these moments cannot be replicated.

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