In the heart of the majestic Dolomite Mountains, a new era of luxury is set to unfold with the grand opening of COMO Alpina Hotel. As a discerning traveler, your pursuit of the extraordinary finds its zenith in this opulent haven, where the unparalleled beauty of the Dolomites converges with the renowned elegance of COMO Hotels & Resorts.

Dolomite Dreams Unveiled:
Nestled in the picturesque Val Gardena on the expansive Alpe di Siusi, COMO Alpina Hotel stands as a testament to the art of hospitality. As the Dolomites cast their spell, this boutique retreat promises an immersive experience, inviting you to savor the untouched beauty of this UNESCO-listed wonder.

A Symphony of Design and Nature:
Step into a world where the hotel seamlessly blends with the surrounding landscape. The original quartzite natural stone facade and the wooden roof structure mimic the natural contours of the Dolomite terrain, ensuring that every inch of the COMO Alpina Hotel resonates with the essence of its extraordinary setting.

Indulgence Beyond Imagination:
Your journey begins in one of the 60 meticulously designed rooms, each a sanctuary offering uninterrupted views of the iconic Dolomite peaks. The interiors reflect a harmonious fusion of comfort and sophistication, promising a haven that transcends the ordinary.

Adventure Beckons:
Whether you are an avid winter sports enthusiast or a seeker of year-round outdoor pursuits, Val Gardena unveils a playground of possibilities. The Dolomiti Superski circuit beckons with pristine slopes, while the warmer seasons invite exploration through scenic hikes, biking trails, and more. The adventure is tailored to your desires, ensuring every moment is uniquely yours

Culinary Delights at Altitude:
Indulge your senses in a culinary journey that mirrors the grandeur of the Dolomites. From the bright and casual Alpina Chalet to the health-focused Mountain Restaurant and the inviting Lobby Lounge, every dining experience is a celebration of the region's flavors, elevated to the pinnacle of sophistication.

Wellness Oasis in the Mountains:
Escape to the COMO Shambhala Retreat, where the focus is on holistic rejuvenation. Immerse yourself in the indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, and relaxation zones, designed to ensure that your stay is not just luxurious but deeply revitalizing.

Your Invitation to Extraordinary:
COMO Alpina Hotel is not merely a destination; it's an invitation to experience luxury in its purest form. From the alpine ambiance to the personalized service, every aspect of this new gem in the Dolomites reflects a commitment to creating moments that linger in the hearts of discerning travelers.

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