Let’s face it, Ritz Paris is the most famous hotel of the world. Its history, its visitors, its uniqueness, simply everything about the Ritz screams: „I’m the one“. In 2012 it went under reconstruction which is now almost finished. Great news: the Ritz is taking reservations, starting from March 2016! But before we take you to the tour of the brand new look of this iconic property on Place Vendôme, we’ll present you some great fact about the Ritz.

The history of the Ritz began 117 year ago with the vision of its first owner César Ritz in collaboration with the chef Auguste Escoffier in 1898. It was the first hotel in Europe to provide a bathroom en suite, a telephone and electricity for each room. From the beginning it was clear that the hotel will be luxurious haven in the heart of Paris. To its exclusivity contributed many famous guests such as Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway. However, not everyone loved the modern amenities, Oscar Wilde once commented on this: „ A harsh and ugly light, enough to ruin your eyes, and not a candle or lamp for bedside reading. And who wants an immovable washing basin in one's room? I do not. Hide the thing.” We wonder what would he say now...

But let’s go back to the fun facts or numbers... Did you now that when it comes to the staff in Ritz Paris, they speak 28 languages including Gaelic, Tagalog and Luxembourgish. There's always someone at your service as it’s 2:1 ratio of employees to guests. The most expensive cocktail is the Ritz Sidecar made from the Champagne from 1850 and cognac hidden from the Nazis during the occupation. Average number of cocktails that Ritz’s head bartender Colin Field invents each night is 17! The bar where you can try this masterpiece is called Bar Hemingway in honour to the writer. The bar many pictures taken by the Hemingway himself which creates a unique ambiance of the bar.

We can’t speak of Ritz Paris and not mention the Coco Chanel, she lived here for 37 years. In her suite was recently discovered painting „Le Sacrifice de Polyxene“ by 17th-century painter Charles Le Brun, the painting was sold for incredible 1.8 million US dollars. Coco Chanel suite will also be open after the renovation, but what is even more exciting is the first-time-ever Chanel spa. We can’t think of better location for Chanel to open its first spa.

The legendary hotel will open its doors with luxurious suites, including 15 historic prestige suites, and rooms. Renowned interior architect Thierry W Despont is overseeing the restoration which will unveil three restaurants, three bars including famed Bar Hemingway, and gorgeous gardens and terraces with retractable roofs and floor heating to be enjoyed year-round. École Ritz Escoffier will benefit from a third demonstration kitchen and the historic Salon Proust with its wood-burning fireplace will present Ritz afternoon tea. The brand new Ritz Paris will be truly grandiose as only for the drawing of the custom fabrics and carpets the artists of the fabric house Pierre Frey spent 950 hours working on them. We look forward to moment when Ritz Paris will open its doors.

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