Since 1995, Six Senses is presenting the ultra-luxe in an unexpected way, namely in its authentic approach to so-called, “barefoot“ luxury. Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas are discovered in some of the world’s most unique and beautiful places. Whether it be a Six Senses Resort with a Six Senses Spa, a Six Senses Spa hosted by a prestige property, or a treasured Six Senses urban location, the touch-points are always decidedly those of the Six Senses’ DNA. But what is the DNA of Six Senses? It is the authentic approach to life, vacation, to every individual, property and above all to the moment of awakening of all the senses. It is a form of a lifestyle.

Eco-friendly but upscale concept Six Senses managed to combine the two seemingly competitive philosophies. They choose to create an experience all together, of the local community, spa treatments and to build a product that embraces the environment. They believe that the richness of the experience can be enhanced by the local community. There is a sense in staying in tune with a local theme, exploring the assets of the specified destination and its culture. They have crafted guest experiences to stimulate, energize and revitalize the human spirit, delivered by experts from a wide range of backgrounds.

The Six Senses aesthesis has a touch of quirkiness, which supports delightful and unexpected surprises, delivered out of constant curiosity and willingness to challenge the norm. It is committed to preserving the environment through sustainable operations, guided by overarching goals and values. Every Six Senses property has its own food garden so that guests can try local organic food which is used for preparing fascinating menu of the resorts. Every property is uniquely designed to awaken the senses but as well to bring out the local culture and history. The wide range of extraordinary locations around the world and their unique heritage has added a special touch to Six Senses style of treatments and broaden the Six Senses experiences.

Depending of the location Six Senses extended the ravishing experience with local communities, so that the guests can try the uncommon and unusual amenities. For instance, at the Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman, guests drive to the top of a mountain and, from there, they have the option of paragliding down into the lobby to check-in. If this sounds extreme to you, take notice that 10 to 12 guests a day actually take this option. Here, nature is your playground and time is forgotten.

The first Six Senses’ resort in Europe is Douro Valley in Portugal, located in the beautiful Portuguese UNESCO World Heritage area of the Douro Valley, the property is touched with the romance of 19th century architecture wedded to contemporary interiors reflecting the inimitable Six Senses style. The resort covers 19 acres and expansive Six Senses Spa measures over 24,000 square feet with 10 treatments rooms. Presenting the Six Senses specialty treatments and multi-day programs delivered by skilled therapists, the spa has a menu of locally-inspired therapies which include some which are wine based. The spa also include Six Senses Visiting Practitioner Program which features over 100 of the world’s best wellness healers, practitioners and experts. The Six Senses’ popular Yogic Programs are also being added to the menu of services which appeal to different levels of yoga practitioners through Discover Yoga and Yogic Detox.

Hidden between the lush tropical vegetation facing the lagoon, the stylish sustainable beach villas offer absolute privacy. Dolphins swim along the seashell dappled shores of Six Senses Laamu, the only resort in Laamu Atoll and just five degrees north of the Equator. Here, at the hidden treasure of the Maldives, the Six Senses Laamu, you can try surfing with the resort’s chef and take care of the Green turtles which visit the unique eco-beach to lay their eggs.

At Six Senses Ninh Van Bay  you'll experience the legendary beauty of Vietnam's most pristine beaches at your own private pool villa overlooking the South China Sea. It is the next best thing to your own private tropical island. The pool villas feature traditional Vietnamese architecture (think gleaming teak wood) and are built on a lush jungle-covered hill overlooking the white-sand beaches of the resort's own secluded bay, which can only be accessed by boat. The villas offer spectacular views. Some feature their own private beach access while others are nestled amid unique rock formations just above the bay's gorgeous coral reef, the perfect launch pad for snorkeling enthusiasts.

The philosophy of Six Senses is very unique, it has proved that by combining the uncommon you can produce an exceptional experience which can rejuvenate the body and soul. Staying in tune with nature and local surroundings with combination of ultra-luxury amenities, trained therapists and personnel, the Six Senses creates a unique ambiance around its concept.

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