St Barts is known for its scenic beauty, warm water of the Caribbean and for being dream destination for the rich and famous. You already heard the stories about this island being the favorite one of the Roman Abramovich and many more. But what are the things you or Roman Abramovich shouldn’t do here?

Don’t expect an easy arrival. Landing of your airplane can be terrifying, but landing on St Barts can be even more frightening. It is the third most scary approach in the world. Very small runway is located just over a hill and few meters from the water. Don’t scream, just close your eyes and breath deeply. After all this is also part of your adventure.

Ok, now you arrived, you’re happy that you are alive and the ground is under your feet. Don’t limit yourself just to the airplane adventure. St Barts is known for its beautiful beaches and attractions, explore them and let yourself go. Don’t be just another tourist who won’t leave its own private pool. We know it’s tempting to just relax on your private piece of paradise, but this island has a lot more enjoyment to present you.

Don’t be surprised when you realize that everyone speaks French. This is the French-speaking part of the Caribbean so you will hear a lot of strange words. Don’t be afraid to learn some of them, like „Bonjour“, „Merci or „Où est la plage Nikki?“.

When we already write about Nikki Beach, here’s another thing you shouldn’t do. Don’t have an early night. Join the party, have a cocktail and dance the night off. There’s a Pirates of the Caribbean evening on January 26th on the Nikki Beach and it would be a shame to miss it. There are many more parties you can attend and meet some extraordinary folks who love to travel just as you do.

Don’t bring a 20-person entourage. The locals don’t care who you are. They are already accustomed to the rich and famous as they have met almost every famous person walking the Earth. That is the part of the beauty of St Barts, there is no fuss around Madonna or George Clooney or Prince Harry. You can swim or eat next to them and not even know that they are there. On this luxurious island heaven everyone is treated equally.

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