The Peninsula Hotels has introduced a Peninsula Sleep Ceremony, exclusively created by ESPA, as part of the new global Peninsula Wellness programme. Specially designed for Peninsula by ESPA’s founder and renowned spa authority Susan Harmsworth to meet the wellbeing needs of globetrotting travelers, the new Peninsula Sleep Ceremony recognizes that a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep is an essential part of the guest experience.

The 120-minute Peninsula Sleep Ceremony by ESPA aids relaxation for travelers affected by stress, jetlag and a disrupted sleep pattern.

You can relax body and mind in the tranquil, candlelit surroundings of a private spa suite at The Peninsula Spa. The 120-minute spa journey begins with a personal consultation followed by an aromatic bath with ESPA’s Soothing Bath Oil, guided breathing and meditation techniques to release physical and emotional anxiety, a hot stone body massage, and finally a soothing facial and scalp massage.

ESPA-branded products have been offered at The Peninsula Spas since 2006. The world’s first total spa company, ESPA was founded by global spa authority Susan Harmsworth in 1993 and specialises in the innovative design of pioneering spa products and treatments that are rich in natural ingredients, textures and aromas. The ‘E’ within ESPA represents ‘Education’ upholding the belief that advanced staff training is vital to the success of a spa. ESPA offers more than 85 products over six ranges combining the best of essential oils, plant botanicals and marine ingredients. The award-winning formulations blend exceptionally potent ingredients for optimal results. Nothing is as powerful as nature and this provides the fundamental building blocks to everything ESPA. The result is a complete skincare range and spa treatments that are both effective and therapeutic.

Whether you are staying at the Peninsula Paris, Peninsula Shanghai, Peninsula Tokyo, Peninsula Hong Kong, Peninsula New York or Peninsula Bangkok, you can experience this rejuvenating treatment and prepare yourself for exploring the city you’re staying in feeling refreshed.

Source: Peninsula Hotels

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